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Don Piper

Conscious Business Consultant

Over the past 25 years Don has started a dozen companies including an oil production company, a retail franchise, a software company, an Internet navigation business, and an investment bank.  During this period he helped mentor more than 500 aspiring entrepreneurs through the early stages of developing and launching their business concepts.

Don Piper is a former member of the core faculty and Entrepreneurship Discipline Lead at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the first institution to offer a “green” or sustainable MBA degree program.  He taught the capstone course for the MBA Program, Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship (MGT 569-570).

He was previously a Mentor-in-Residence at the #1 Ranked McGuire Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Arizona, where he was recognized by Fortune Small Business and CNN/Money as “top in the field by colleagues, students, and entrepreneurs.”

Prior to entering academia, he helped create two angel capital funds at TriState Investment Group and was Chairman of the Board of The Phoenix, a research management company and ntouch research, a site management organization.   Don’s specialty is in helping emerging growth companies navigate the path from inception through adolescence with a special focus on sustainability, conscious business and performance management.

What We Do

We move people and organizations towards higher levels of well-being and performance by applying proven practices in:

  • Conscious business
  • Stakeholder resource management
  • Strategic repurposing
  • Enlightened management

Why It Matters

Running a conscious business will improve your brand image,
your position in the marketplace, and most of all, your bottom line.

“Toby Heaps, CEO Corporate Knights” in a year in which Wall Street was occupied and capitalism became a bad word, the Global 100 companies serve as ambassadors for a better, cleaner kind of capitalism which, it also turns out, is more profitable.”